Letter from the President

Me…Salih Sülek born in 1952 in İnegöl and in 1960 met tree in İnegöl again; I have reached the desire to be a big company in forestry. I dreamed of while I was eight years and pulling sticks for the brush and printing on the clog.

We have worked so hard but not tired of it.  We had many difficulties but never gave up. We have always tried to do the best of it. We have always reached the impractical, we have never hesitated going far away and we have looked for the best technologies, found and brought them.

When we found the best machine, when we took a sip of tea in the endless forests and touched the best logs to provide the most beautiful veneering we enjoyed it.

We have combined what we obtained and saw with honesty and how happy that we succeeded to make people say ‘’If Sülek’s make it, they make the best of it’’.

From now on the only purpose of us is to engrave our name eternally to the world tree market without making any concessions to honesty, integrity and justice.

This is the greatest dream of me, my family and my employees.

People live as long as they imagine.


The Official Representative of TURKIYE


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